Marco Martins


Marco Martins


Bruno Nogueira, Carolina Amaral, Miguel Guilherme, Nuno Lopes, Rita Cabaço

ACTORS is a collective creation that reflects on the actor’s work in its many forms of expression. A performance based on autobiographical statements – in a diaristic tone – about each of its performers’ professional experience and their relation with texts they performed over the years, an association of fragmented narratives, going from the great classics to soap opera scripts, radio or television commercials. Altogether, over 40 texts by different authors, representing a parallel dramaturgy and a retrospective gaze on the life of each actor.

“During rehearsal periods of the previous shows I directed, I often watched actors, whether in their dressing rooms or lunch breaks, memorising “lines” for soap operas or television series, using their little time of rest to work on other texts. I remember finding it a bit disconcerting – it bothered me, it made me feel slightly jealous because they weren’t concentrating exclusively on our work, on the show we were putting together, they were dispersing energy and consequently wasting their resources on a “second job”, and that seemed to me completely empty and superfluous.

Over time, I learned to respect those “betrayals” and to perceive them as inevitable. I openly discussed with the actors about their needs, and the need to embrace “the other jobs”. Then, I became myself curious of the lines they were working on at lunchtime. And so came up the idea of doing a show that would talk precisely about that and an urge to put “ACTORS” together was born.”

Marco Martins

director and dramaturg Marco Martins

co-authors Bruno Nogueira, Luísa Cruz, Miguel Guilherme, Nuno Lopes and Rita Cabaço

associate dramaturg Alexander Gerner

movement Vânia Rovisco and Victor Hugo Pontes

cast Bruno Nogueira, Carolina Amaral, Miguel Guilherme, Nuno Lopes and Rita Cabaço

set designer Fernando Ribeiro

costume designer Isabel Carmona

lighting designer Nuno Meira

sound designer Sérgio Milhano

photographer Estelle Valente

director’s assistant Rita Quelhas

director’s assistants (artistic residencies) Guilherme Branquinho and Rita Quelhas

production director Mariana Brandão

Arena Ensemble’s managing director Marta Delgado Martins

co-production Arena Ensemble, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional S. João and Centro de Arte de Ovar

artistic residencies Oficina/Centro de Criação de Candoso

rating 12+

duration 2h20mins

first performed 11th January of 2018, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon

sponsors D. Luis I Foundation / Municipality of Cascais


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