Marco Martins


Marco Martins


Bernardo Sassetti, João Paulo Esteves da Silva e Mário Laginha (piano), Filipe Quaresma (violoncelo) e Joana Verona e Rafael Morais (actores)

Music Around Circles is a concert born out of the creative collaboration of film director Marco Martins and composer Bernardo Sassetti during the making of the original soundtrack of the film How to Draw a Perfect Circle (Como Desenhar um Círculo Perfeito). The pianists Mário Laginha and João Paulo Esteves da Silva, the cellist Filipe Quaresma, and the actors Joana de Verona and Rafael Moraes (original film cast) are the invited artists that will be joining Bernardo Sassetti on stage.

This show based on the music composed for the film, includes six videos edited from the outtakes (inedited material that wasn’t included in the final cut) of How to Draw a Perfect Circle that, despite their fictional impulse, do not constitute a narrative, corresponding instead to the different moods of the main characters in the story: two twins in an incestuous relationship who share the strange ‘gift’ of drawing perfect freehand circles.

These moving images (DoP - Carlos Lopes) filmed originally on 16mm are now projected on video in a three large screen installation, they are perhaps closer to photography than cinema, given the fixed nature of each moment of the action described. Occasional drawings appear over these images, performed by the actors of the film, in a game of visual transformation, light and movement, always referencing the image of the perfect circle. A kind of mixed technique of photography/drawing/light/music.

Technical sheet

idea Marco Martins
music Bernardo Sassetti
film director Marco Martins
director of photography( DOP) Carlos Lopes
musical director Bernardo Sassetti
musicians Bernardo Sassetti, João Paulo Esteves da Silva and Mário Laginha (piano), Filipe Quaresma (cello) and Joana Verona and Rafael Morais (actors)
cast Joana Verona and Rafael Morais
lighting designer Nuno Meira
sound designer Nelson Carvalho
An Arena Ensemble Project
production S. Luiz Teatro Municipal
first performed 29th May 2009, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Lisbon


© Bernardo Sassetti