August Strindberg


Marco Martins


Isabel Abreu, Miguel Guilherme e Sérgio Praia

“The other day I read in a newspaper that a man had been divorced seven times, which means that he also had been married seven times. Finally, at the age of ninety, he ran away with his first wife and married her again. Such is love. If life be serious, or merely a joke, is more than I can decide.”
August Strindberg in The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death talks about us, about the crisis of intimacy and the dangerous game of blaming the other for our choices and individual failures. Introducing a diabolical and desolate portrait of the life of a couple enclosed in the claustrophobic space of a living room and isolated from the world, this play talks about identity and character, about the infinite struggle between fear and desire. Miguel Guilherme, Isabel Abreu and Sérgio Praia confront each other in an intensely realistic and psychological rereading of this intimate drama, a founding text in contemporary drama that signals the return of Marco Martins to the São Luiz’s stage.

Technical sheet

by August Strindberg
translated by João Paulo Esteves da Silva
director Marco Martins
cast Isabel Abreu, Miguel Guilherme and Sérgio Praia
extras Mariana Mestre and Pedro Cruzeiro

set designer Artur Pinheiro
costume designer Isabel Carmona
lighting designer Nuno Meira
sound designer ameba
photography José Frade

production director Narcisa Costa
Arena Ensemble’s managing director Marta Delgado Martins
co-production Arena Ensemble and São Luiz Teatro Municipal
rating 12+
duration 2h10mins
first performed 25th October 2012, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon
acknowledgments Act – Escola de Actores, Galeria Quadrum, José Pedro Sousa, Maria Almeida, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, Patrícia Vasconcelos and Tiago Carvalho


© José Frade