Before Being
Beatriz Batarda


Beatriz Batarda
Before Being

Before Being is a performance created by Beatriz Batarda based on works by William Shakespeare, in which the visiting public is invited to experience a unique closeness to the actor’s creative process, an opportunity to better understand the nature of the actor’s work and accompany the construction of the ficcional gesture from the beginning ‘til its finishing.

“Over a 6 days period I will occupy the exhibition gallery during its opening hours. I will be filling the empty space, reading, making choices of texts, working on its sound and body, working on the movement of each thought, while people walk by or stay. Together we shall look for a way of being in the moment.”
Beatriz Batarda

based on texts by William Shakespeare

direction Beatriz Batarda

lighting designer Nuno Meira

music Bernardo Sassetti

photography BES Arte e Finança

director’s assistant Sara Carinhas

lighting designer’s assistant Cárin Geada

Arena Ensemble’s managing direction Marta Delgado Martins

project Arena Ensemble

production manager Rita Arnaut

production Sparks Management/BES Arte & Finança

duration 54 hours

first performed 18th October 2010 at BesArte e Finança Gallery, Lisbon

acknowledgments Bernardo Sassetti

sponsors BesArte e Finança Gallery / Banco Espírito Santo


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