Dennis Potter


Beatriz Batarda


Albano Jerónimo, Bruno Nogueira, Dinarte Branco, Elsa Oliveira, Leonor Salgueiro, Luísa Cruz e Nuno Nunes

The English author Dennis Potter (1935-1994) was one of the most talented and acclaimed playwrights in England. He became known for Blue Remembered Hills, a play that premiered as a TV film at the BBC in 1979, as well as for many other television plays, novels, theatre plays and screenplays. In the introduction to the play, Potter considers that “compared to most plays I’ve written, this is by far the simplest in form and content, for it results without obstacle, artifice, diversion or any other type of plot secondary to the characters to whom – being children – eloquence, obvious introspection, rhetoric or even the useful comforts (as well as the usual dramatic deception) of a consequent thought are forbidden”. Beatriz Batarda directs this both shocking and moving text in which adult actors play a group of children who discover violence in the world around them and seek to understand it by mimicking the reality of adults. A story about childhood, the “land of lost content”, that works as a parallel narrative of coming to adulthood and the loss of the idea of self that cannot be recovered.

“Into my heart an air that kills,
From yon far country that blows:
What are those blue remembered hills,
What spires, what farms are those?
This is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain,
The happy highways where I went
And cannot come again.”
A. E. Housman

by Dennis Potter

translated by Daniel Jonas

director Beatriz Batarda

cast Albano Jerónimo, Bruno Nogueira, Dinarte Branco, Elsa Oliveira, Leonor Salgueiro, Luísa Cruz and Nuno Nunes

original music Bernardo Sassetti

set and costume designer Cristina Reis

lighting designer Nuno Meira

fight coach Sérgio Grilo

photographer Bernardo Sassetti

makeup artist Sano de Perpessac

director’s assistant Sara Carinhas

production director Nuno Pratas

production’s assistant Leonor Salgueiro

Arena Ensemble’s managing director Marta Delgado Martins

an Arena Ensemble project

co-production Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, Teatro Nacional São João, Culturproject, and Centro das Artes – Casa das Mudas

rating 12+

duration 1h20mins

first performed 10th February 2012, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II Lisbon

acknowledgments Francisco Nascimento and Culturproject


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