Manfred Karge


Beatriz Batarda


Ana Brandão, Bruno Nogueira, Flávia Gusmão, Miguel Damião, Nuno Lopes, Nuno Nunes e Romeu Costa

A cigar in the Pole. Truly amazing.

The Conquest of the South Pole was written at the end of the ‘80s before the fall of the Berlin Wall, surviving the explosion of new theatrical languages, the numbness of illusion, the new metatheatrical writings, the rereading of the classics, and even the social mutations in Europe. Combining classicism and contemporaneity, realism and artifice, prose and verse, this play is the result of a highly theatrical game “de-southpoled” by the anarchic energy of those constantly marginalised by the system. We meet four friends in an old attic – who we might see walking down the street – destroyed by poverty, by unemployment, by the emptiness in lieu of the future. The attic in the theatre – or the theatre in the attic – is the frame delineating our attention, providing us, for a period of time inside that room, the possibility of recognising the promise that, walking oblivious down the street, we would otherwise never notice. Slupianek, the great South Pole explorer inside the refrigerator, leads us gun in hand, Roald Amundsen under his arm, pursuing the path to victory amid the washing on the line, pots, and pigeons. On an epic dream journey, the four friends find the path to rebuild their domestic lives and the faith that something good may yet come.

by Manfred Karge

translated by Helena Topa

director Beatriz Batarda

artistic collaboration Marco Martins

cast Ana Brandão, Bruno Nogueira, Flávia Gusmão, Miguel Damião, Nuno Lopes, Nuno Nunes and Romeu Costa

set designer Wayne dos Santos

costume designer Isabel Carmona

movement Victor Hugo Pontes

lighting designer Nuno Meira

sound designer Sérgio Milhano

musical director Nuno Rafael

photographer Estelle Valente

lighting designer’s assistant Cárin Geada

production director Narcisa Costa

production and director’s assistant Carolina Serrão

Arena Ensemble’s managing director Marta Delgado Martins

project Arena Ensemble

production São Luiz Teatro Municipal

co-production Centro Cultural Vila Flor

rating 14+

duration 2h15mins

first performed 7th April 2016, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon

acknowledgments Victor Hugo Pontes, Sérgio Milhano and Ministério dos Filmes

sponsors Cabelos WIP-Hairport, Peris Costumes – Maria Gonzaga Guarda Roupa


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