Athol Fugard


Beatriz Batarda


Catarina Lacerda e Dinarte Branco

There is no God, God never was”
Athol Fugard

Athol Fugard (1932) is the most widely acknowledged South African author. The play The Blood Knot (1961), which he wrote and directed with a cast of white and black actors, created at that time a new friction in the history of Apartheid. His persistence and tenacity would turn him into a worldwide symbol of artistic resistance.

Hello and Goodbye tells the story of a brother and sister who delayed the responsibility of becoming adults to the point they lost the purpose of existence. Now, facing the death of their father, they realise they do not know how to live with others, the world, nor build their own future.

We are called to listen to the stories of a painful family past, the history of a country marred by war, inequality and misery, the history of religion in western cultures, it’s the story of those who find themselves orphans of parents and nation, and are left with nothing but the questioning of their identities.

“Cube/ a possible sketch of structure that contains what is left of our past and desolation.
Cans/ compressed carcase of a slum house.
Kitchen’s table/ centre of life to which Johnnie and Ester are tied to.
Everything else empty. Only darkness, giving room for fear, for the unknown and discomfort to take the space, where the mist of old memories merges with a nightmare, it’s the visiting of ghosts. A non-realistic space where the action of exchange of thought between characters is real and concrete in the delaying of assuming responsibility.”
Beatriz Batarda

by Athol Fugard

translated by Jaime Salazar Sampaio

director Beatriz Batarda

cast Catarina Lacerda and Dinarte Branco

set and costume designer Cristina Reis

lighting designer José Nuno Lima

sound designer Sérgio Milhano

photographer Bernardo Sassetti

voice coach Teresa Lima

fight coach Sérgio Grilo

production director Nuno Pratas and Bernardo Vilhena

an Arena Ensemble project

production Culturproject


duration 2h30

first performed 6th May 2010, Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon

sponsors Teatro da Cornucópia and Ministry of Culture / Direcção-Geral das Artes

acknowledgments Luis Miguel Cintra


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